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Classic Pedicure         $30

The pedicure starts with a soak of your feet in warm antiseptic water, cutting and shaping of your nails, cuticle care, and callus removal. Your feet are then treated with a sugar scrub, lotion massage with hot towel and polish of your choice. ( Optional: Hot stone massage +5)


Deluxe Pedicure         $45

A classic pedicure with an exfoliating sea salt soak, choice of organic sugar scrub, moisturizing masque and lotion massage.


Options: Green Tea, Lavender, VitaminE, Lemon, Orange, Cucumber, Jasmine, Mango, Milk & Honey, Collagen


Shellac Pedicure                     $45


Deluxe Shellac Pedicure        $60
Tel:(905) 397 - 5908
111 Fourth Ave, ST. Catharines, On L2S 3P5 (Ridley Square Plaza)


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